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The music service that arguably brought music streaming kicking and screaming into the mainstream and made it the rule rather than the exception. Spotify is a true game-changer and is still the most popular streaming service in the world, despite attempts by Apple, Amazon and Google to dethrone it. For most music fans, and certainly for most teenagers, Spotify is the platform of choice for their musical discoveries and their day-to-day playlists.
Spotify has been streaming from its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden for almost a decade now. The service operates on a ‘freemium’ model, which set it apart from iTunes, the service that dominated digital music at the time, and a service that only allowed listeners to buy and download songs, albums and playlists on a one-by-one basis. The subscription model favoured by Spotify (and now adopted as the standard model for almost all mainstream streaming services) offers a premium service to those that are willing to pay for it, but Spotify is still free-to-use for those that are willing to sit through the occasional advertisement.
A premium Spotify subscription offers not only better-quality audio and a complete lack of advertisements, but also the ability to download songs to your computer and/or mobile devices, which means it essentially offers everything that iTunes (now Apple Music) does and plenty more besides. You will enjoy unencumbered access to over 40 million songs and over 2 million artists, alongside access to bespoke playlists, radio stations based on artists and albums you enjoy and so much more.
Spotify is an ideal partner for Teen Choice, because if you know a teenager who has even a passing interest in music, chances are they’ll use Spotify. Whether they are into dance, pop, rock, electronica, metal, or even Gregorian throat singing (yes, it’s a thing), they will have their choice cut out for them. And (as the name suggests) choice is exactly what we're all about.

Why Choose Teen Choice?
Remove the guesswork from the equation when it comes to buying a gift for that teenager in your life that you don’t quite get by ordering a Teen Choice gift card and loading it with between £10 and £100. That balance can be spent with top national (and international) retail brands on a number of varied goods and services, all catered towards modern teenagers.
With a Teen Choice gift card, you could choose to spend a part or the entirety of your card balance on a premium Spotify subscription for as many months as you wish. With a large enough balance, you could even choose to spend a portion of your balance on a Spotify subscription and the rest of your balance on something else entirely from one of our many other national retail partners.
From Wagamama, to Miss Selfridge and ODEON, the brands available, and the experiences they offer, are truly varied. The choice is yours, and choice is a remarkable gift to give, particularly to a teenager just discovering (and beginning to enjoy) their burgeoning independence.