WH Smith


There are few retail institutions as defiantly British as WHSmith. The newsagent that’s so much more than just a newsagent has been delighting British customers for well over 200 years now and whilst the brand has evolved in that time, the ideals upon which it was founded have not. The first WHSmith was opened as a small newsstand in the late 18th century by Henry Walton Smith, but it wasn’t until his son, William Henry, took the reins of the company that it really started to grow into the “Smiths” we know and love today.
Monopolising on the booming British railway industry of the 19th century, Smith opened newsstands at every railway station in the country and soon enough, the name WHSmith had become synonymous with British newsstands and newsagents. Throughout the 20th century the fortunes of WHSmith continued to grow and flourish and today, the brand dominates the sector in the UK with a grand total of over 600 high street stores and over 700 newsstands currently bearing the name.
Whilst it began life as a newsagent and still stocks a wide variety of papers, magazines and snacks, WHSmith has become more widely known in the last 50 years as something of a one-stop destination when it comes to the written word in the UK. So, whether you’re looking for a new book to take on holiday, require stationary and textbooks for school, or are in the market for something a little craftier and more unique, ‘Smiths is where you really want to be.
Teen Choice is excited to be working with WHSmith due to not only the nostalgia and goodwill attached to the brand, but the sheer quality and variety of the products and services the company continues to offer. With so much to choose from, it’s truly a company that resonates with the Teen Choice philosophy.

Why Choose Teen Choice?
Whether the teenager in your life is a bookworm, a movie buff, a fashionista or a coffee snob, the Teen Choice gift card is a perfect choice, every time. Whereas most gift cards will limit the recipient to just one store or one brand, our cards can be used at a number of varied top national retail locations. They can also be used online, which will really appeal to those teens who could imagine nothing worse than leaving the comfort of the digital world to venture out into the ‘horrors’ of the physical retail space.
Buying your Teen Choice gift card (or cards) couldn’t be simpler. Either pop into one of our retail partner stores and pick up a pre-loaded card, or order a card via our own online portal and choose not only how much is loaded onto the card, but the message included within in. From £10 (a treat for a good exam result) to £100 (a big gift for a big birthday), you can choose how much to load onto the card, but they choose how, where and when to spend it. Cinema trips, Spotify subscriptions, coffee dates and more can all be funded by a Teen Choice gift card and it’s as easy as using a credit or debit card.
So next time there’s a ‘difficult’ teen in your life you want to spoil with something a little more tailored and a little more special, you know exactly where to look!